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  • Description: "The Accursed suffer from bestial hunger, but gain supernatural magic power and speed. An arcane library found deep within the dungeon might have a cure."
  • Gear: Excellent Silver Doublet, Serviceable Suede Gloves, Serviceable Suede Boots, Spellbook of Invisibility, 3 Fresh Vials of Blood, 2 Potions of Restore Magic.
  • Difficulty: Hard.

Starting StatsEdit

Stat Male Female
Strength -1 -2
Dexterity -3 -2
Constitution -2 -2
Intelligence 10 10
Perception -1 -1
Charisma 0 0

Starting SkillsEdit

Skill Level
Tinkering None
Stealth Skilled (40)
Trading None
Appraising Basic (20)
Swimming None
Leader None
Casting Skilled (40)
Magic Expert (70)
Skill Level
Ranged None
Sword None
Mace None
Axe None
Polearm None
Shield None
Unarmed Skilled (40)
Alchemy None
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