Below is a list of amuletsEdit

Amulet of Description
Sex Change Changes the players sex from male to female or vice versa
Life Saving Will revive the player upon mortal damage, then become useless
Olympic Swimming Swim a lot faster.
Magic Reflection Will reflect all spells shot at you back towards the attacker
Strangulation Strangles you to death, mostly cursed. If blessed, the amulet only temporarily strangles you.
Poison Resistance Prevents the player from being poisoned, will also cure player of poison if equipped while poisoned

"Dungeon Journal : Entry 16 I discovered a chest with, among other treasures, a beautiful amulet inside. I can't seem to figure it out, but I could swear its shape resembles a holy symbol of life. My caution has served me well where my team has failed so far, but sometimes success demands risk. I'll think on this." - The last journal entry of Aranna the Warrior

Don't let this be you! Don't ever equip unappraised items!

Death By Strangulation

Steam card photo.

Sprites of Amulets:Edit


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