Arrows are sources of ammunition in Barony, reworked in the Legends and Pariahs update alongside the ranged weaponry overhaul. Their purpose is to enable various ranged bows and crossbows to fire special arrows, providing unique effects depending on the ammo type utilized.

Description[edit | edit source]

Arrows are found within quivers, serving as their method of carrying multiple shots at a time in a single inventory space. To use arrows, their quiver must be equipped, which will take up the player's off-hand slot like light sources and shields. With a quiver in the off-hand and a bow or crossbow as a weapon, the arrow type selected will be loaded into the weapon and fired, consuming the arrow once shot.

Collecting Arrows[edit | edit source]

Given that arrows are finite in each quiver, there are a few consistent ways of collecting more when progressing through the dungeon. The most common would be from defeating enemy monsters who wield bows as their weapons. This would include most weapon-wielding enemies, such as Goblins, Insectoids, and the earliest possible encounters, Humans.

Arrow Traps are another large source of quivers. In the Legends and Pariahs update, they had been revamped completely, currently being able to fire off any ammo type. If the player has a Lockpick handy, they can disarm the trap and proceed to loot that trap’s quiver of arrows, being the same type that the trap would fire normally.

Hunting Supplies had also been added into the game with the update, providing a shop that caters to ranged weapons and similar items. If the player finds a shop, then they have a slight chance of having more access to arrows given the wide array of possible store types, with general stores being another possible option.

Other sources exist but are much less common overall, such as Scrolls of Conjure Arrow, or from starting Class loadouts such as the Hunter.

Arrow Types[edit | edit source]

From the two types of arrows found in Barony before the overhaul, there are currently seven different types of arrows in the game, each of which having its own strengths and weaknesses from each other.

Normal Arrows[edit | edit source]

When bows and crossbows are fired without any ammo types in the off-hand slot, they will instead launch off Normal Arrows. Unlike all other ammo types in the game, normal arrows take up no inventory space and are infinite use, limited only by the durability of the weapon itself. In exchange, they provide no damage bonuses or penalties, as well as lacking any special qualities like other arrow types provide.

Khryselakatos[edit | edit source]

Khryselakatos is the artifact weapon variant for bows, and it interacts in very interesting ways with the ammo system. When firing off without an equipped quiver, it has a small chance of launching off any of the special ammo types instead of a normal arrow, increasing with Ranged skill. Having a quiver equipped with Kyryselakatos will also have this effect, except any randomized arrow will not consume from the equipped quiver.

Image Name Weight Value Damage Effects
Crystal Ammo +6 High damage.
Fire Ammo +2 Inflicts Burning status effect on hit enemies. Illuminates hit walls.
Hunting Ammo +2 Inflicts Slow, Poison, and nausea which can cause vomiting. Deals bonus damage against non-humanoid creatures.
Piercing Ammo +4 Pierces enemy armor.
Silver Ammo +2 Deals bonus damage against demonic and undead enemies.
Springshot Ammo +4 Knocks back enemies away.
Swift Ammo -2 Reduces interval between readying the arrow and firing, increasing fire rate. Does not affect crossbows.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Due to a bug with new off-hand equipment introduced in Legends and Pariahs, holding a quiver in the dark would have allowed hostile entities to see the player. This was later patched.
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