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Automaton are somewhat steampunk robots commonly found in the ruins. They are friendly to Humans and other Automaton and will not attack you


if you are playing any monster race unless provoked They do not spawn with items nor do they drop any though they can pick up items throughout the level and equip them and will drop any equipped item when dead.

Automaton can also be recruited as a follower.

Automaton can be lockpicked on their back, making thems explode and drop a huge amount of scraps or turn hostile if the lockpick fails.

Automaton with stuff.png

Recycling[edit | edit source]

Automaton while wandering, will take items on the ground, and after sometime, they will "recycle". The automaton take 2 unequiped items from his own inventory and make a new one between the gold value of 33%-66% of the ingredients.

Malfunction[edit | edit source]

When an automaton have few health remaining, it "break".

When it break, it can become definitively confused and attack everyone, this can be cured with the curing ailment effect.

Else it can self-destruct and damage everyone nearby.

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