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Not to be confused with Automaton, the enemy type.

Automatons are a monster race option in Barony, introduced in the Legends and Pariahs DLC alongside three other monster races. They use Heat instead of mana to cast spells, being intrinsically tied to their heavily modified hunger system to use certain items rather than actual food.


Automatons follow a similar path to that of the Insectoid, where both their mana and hunger systems have been radically modified to allow for differing playstyles while complicating others that Humans would have no issues with. To keep themselves running, they feed items into their Boilers, which denies most normal forms of food in favor of a vastly different palette.

This list of items which can be fed into the boiler includes:

Consuming too much material will cause the boiler to become superheated, allowing it to quickly burn off excess feed, but also increase Heat gains for the duration of the effect.

Certain items within the Automaton’s diet have special properties. Consuming either form of scrap will never produce enough heat to reach superheat. Blessed gemstones and books will also provide instant boosts to the player’s Heat alongside fueling the boiler. Separate from all other types of scrolls, Scrolls of Fire will instantly superheat the Automaton’s boiler, effectively serving as a full meal.

Instead of having both hunger and mana cojoined as Energy like Insectoids, Automatons use Heat (HT). Heat serves as an alternative to Mana for Automatons, draining the appropriate amount when casting spells and slowly regenerating over time. If the Boiler is empty, any remaining Heat will promptly decrease, once it drops to zero, the player then begins to waste away due to hunger.

The Automaton stands out from most other races in the way they regenerate mana. Instead of being based on the player's INT stat, it is based on a combination of the state of their boiler and their current Heat percentage. By default (yellow boiler icon), an Automaton will regenerate mana at a rate of 1 mana every 6.0 seconds. When the player has enough fuel in their boiler to turn the icon blue, they will begin to regenerate mana at a rate of 1 mana every 3.0 seconds. Additionally, if the player's Heat is below 50% of its maximum value, the mana regen rate for having a blue boiler increases to 1 mana every 1.5 seconds. When the player's Heat drops below 25% of its maximum value, they will suffer a penalty to their DEX regardless of the state of their boiler.

If the Automaton is submerged in water, they will rapidly lose both Boiler charge and Heat. If in Lava, their Heat rapidly increases, but damage will still be taken. Automatons cannot burn from any source, such as Fireballs or Arrows.

Beyond hunger, Automatons have the luxury of not being bound by curses, allowing any cursed weapon or equipment to be unequipped when needed, though the penalties to the stats of those items still apply. They are also handy at repairing items, having an innate +20 points of Tinkering when repairing items. Finally, Automatons have an innate spell, Salvage, which converts surrounding dropped items into their scrap components.

Social Standings[]

Automatons are an oddity in all the non-Human races, being the only other race in Barony to be friendly with Humans and Shopkeepers, as well as other automatons. This allows for areas like Minetown to be a peaceful location, and for easy trading without having to drink Potions of Polymorph.

Succubi and Incubi will also behave neutrally towards Automaton players, meaning they won’t be able to be recruited, but will be disinterested when seeing the player, resulting in them not attacking on sight.