The Baphomet is a secret final boss in Barony, located in the pits of hell!

Deep in the pits of hell lies an evil. The original evil. The Baphomet, AKA the Devil, is a large demon at the end of Barony. Reaching this secret boss fight you have to first make it into the Underworld then into Hell instead of fighting you fight the devil himself. Unlike Herx, Satan stands still for the most part, teleporting from 9 different lava pits. His attacks are fairly easy to avoid on their own, but when he fires a ton of them at you it gets chaotic. After defeating him he will summon two minotaurs to avenge him, the south most wall explodes and opens your escape route. This "escape" route is infested with demons, succubi, and imps as well as those minotaurs on your tail. At the end of the hallway there is one last portal triggering an alternate ending.

Baphomet's AttacksEdit

After popping out of a lava pit, he will send a wave of fireballs in (almost) all directions. Occasionally after attacking he will summons a few demons or imps to aid him in his fight. When he appears in the lava pits over the pit around the arena, he will begin to send a ton of boulders to roll across the field.

Side NotesEdit

  • Being able to fly is a big aid in this fight.
  • Stock up on magic reflection and resistance, you are going to get blasted.
  • Imps will drop useful items (sometimes)
  • Hiding in the ridges in the outer walls of the arena can shield you form the fireball attack.
  • Another Rainbow Dash is hidden in the North-East corner of the level.

Baphomet in Cursed Edition.

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Baphomet (original)

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