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This Section is for level info on anything within the levels of 1-35. You can post hints(make them spoilers) and tips, as well as overall general info about the levels.

Level 0: Dungeon Entrance

Level 0.jpeg

This is the area all dungeon delves start in, where the party assembles to arrange their inventories, prepare spells, and grab a few torches. It's good to come up with some sort of plan here, as you won't find much time for thought in the dungeon.

Levels 1-5: Mines

Levels 1-5 consist of the Mines, which contain skeletons, rats, spiders, and trolls. Occasionally you may find Funny Bones. Other special enemies such as, Thumpus, Algernon, and Shelob will show up as well, yielding their own assorted treasures. Level 5 is a "checkpoint", which contains two chests and possibly a campfire for extra torches, so use this time wisely to heal up a bit and identify extra items before descending. Level 5's rest is the only known rest spot to contain a portal to the Underworld, located in a small room behind the wall with the skull on it.

  • A Hatch to the Gnomish Mines has a high likelihood of spawning on the second level, and will not appear later in the game if it does not appear here.
  • A Hatch to Minetown has a similarly high likelihood of occurring on the third level of the mines.
  • Stocking up on meat here is a great idea, as food will become more scarce as the game progresses.
  • A lot of the equipment on these levels is cursed, so remember to identify whatever you find first. Skeletons almost always wield cursed gear.

Levels 6-10: Swamp

Levels 6-10 are the Swamp, a much more wide open and less claustrophobic area of Barony. The Swamp introduces many new elements to the game such as trees and water. Prior to Cursed Edition, the swamps contained much less water. Food can be found in the form of fish that spawn near natural rivers and lakes, usually fresh, as well as apples under the trees. Enemies found in the swamps vary from: spiders, slimes, goblins, and ghouls. The NPCs that spawn in the swamps are Funny Bones, Shelob, Potato King, and Coral Grimes. Structures found in the swamps are primarily empty rooms, sort of walled in areas with campfires that appear to be goblin camps. You might also find, on occasion, castle-like structures guarded by goblins, or a shop over taken by goblins! A Shopkeeper will be found behind bars in these, and a chest yields some goodies.

  • It's advisable to wait around in the spawn room for half a minute or so to let the boulders roll.
  • NPC shops are common, often spawning two around the center of the map along with a fountain.
  • Items to ward off magical attacks are suggested, in case the goblins pick up magic staffs.
  • You might also want an amulet of Olympic Swimming, or an amulet of Poison Resist.

Levels 11-15: Sand Labyrinth

Levels 10-15 contain the deadly Sand Labyrinth, filled to the brim with new traps and obstacles. The player is trapped in what looks like a Pharaoh's tomb of sorts, and has a maze-like layout every level. Scorpions spawn here, equipped with deadly poison, as well as multitudes of trolls, goblins, lesser insectoids, and scarabs. Lava also makes a first appearance, spelling death for anyone foolish enough to walk over it. NPC shops can spawn in this area, though it is rare. Food is scarce, being only found in chests, from scrolls of food, or scarabs. The Labyrinth is usually well-lit and contains very good equipment compared to previous levels, though almost all of it is guarded by dangerous traps, lava, and walls that must be hacked away with a pickaxe or spell of digging.

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  • A portal to Sokoban is on level 11 and the Minotaur Maze is on level 13. They both can be found inside the closed walls of a secret area, surrounded by lava. A pickaxe, Dig spell, or staff of digging is needed to enter.
  • New traps: none.
  • An Amulet of Poison Resist is strongly recommended here, as poisoning is frequent.

Levels 16-20: Ruins

Levels 15-20 are the ruins of the Baron's castle, adding a new trap that spews magic in the four horizontal directions. The enemies found here are gnomes, trolls, succubi, demons, automatons, and young vampires. NPC shops can be found although they are quite rare. Humans may also be found trapped behind bars here.

  • A portal Mystic Library or the Underworld can be found here in a small fortress like structure, locked with gates and lava, while also requiring some form of levitation to access.
  • Items to ward off magical attacks are suggested here, as well as a ring/boots of levitation.

Levels 21-24 Hell

Levels 21-24 are found after going through the underworld on Dungeon level 18, covered in lava and filled with imps, demons, shadows, incubi, succubi, lesser goatmen, and automatons.

  • New Traps: None.
  • Item to ward off magical attacks are important here, as well as some form of levitation.

Levels 26-30: Crystal Caves

After your fight with the Baron he will drop a magic sphere. By placing it onto the pedestal in the center of the room you will open a portal to Hamlet. If you go through Hell and defeat the Devil there however, you will find a Portal that will take you to Hamlet all the same. In the magicians guild you will find a portal to this new area. Glimmering blue rocks, and shiny gemstone covered walls, the crystal caverns are a beautiful place to explore. A mixture of natural lava and water falls are found around the caves. Enemies here are much stronger, featuring Automatons, Insectoids, Kobolds, Incubi , Cockatrices, and Crystal Golems.

  • There are more complex trap rooms and mini puzzles here, along with the Minotaur and things such as Spike Traps scaling and doing increased damage.
  • Floor 28 has a secret portal to the Cockatrice Lair.
  • New traps: Spell trap on the floor and ceiling, shoots constantly with any entity on it. Only shoots offensive spells.

Levels 31-35: Citadel

Levels 31 to 35 are the Citadel supposedly created by Orpheus and Erudyce, around the edges there are a lot of Magic Pillar Traps. The enemies found here are Vampires, Automatons, Crystal Golems, Cockatrices, Incubi, and Goatmen. NPC shops can be found here in small rooms. This area is made of a lot of small rooms and hallways.

  • Floor 33 has a portal to Bram's Castle in a puzzle room bordered by a pit.
  • New Traps: None.
  • This area is filled with unbreakable pistons.
  • Due to the small nature of the hallways and rooms, getting cornered or friendly fire is more important to watch out for.