Bottle Book

My name Screambleat Dunghoof, and I write book for tribe record so tribe keep the Screambleat thinkwater. 

Screambleat write book for brew make: Filling bottle, and make different bottle.

Satyr be good people, strong people. Satyr knows power, use power, get power. You use book to think power for using bottle. Worship Screambleat later.

Okay, you have instructions now. Screambleat smart, use brain to write.

1. Get not full bottle.

2. Take bottle to bird bath.

3. Fill bottle up so it full.

You very surprise, bottle have potion. More use after bottle have. Even more power for great Satyr hero you are if you listen Screambleat.

Look hard to fulled bottles and choose to begin brew. Sometimes if start with the same brew can think what to have after the brew over.

Un-able Brew - Brew from good very good beer and have potion to make un-able enemy.

Have Two Brew - You maybe mix water in and make more, but maybe you ruin it and just have water instead.

Fix Body Brew - Good juice can turn to fixing your body (Not to fixing tails).

Confuse Brew - This brew confuse the brews, make even the potion go backwards.

Disappear Brew - Magic surprise come from use this brew, sometimes strange and good!

Acid Brew - This one many good, can do very big and loud and kill. No brew kill yourself and Screambleat lose tail forever.

You and Screambleat ruin brews sometimes, and make sick feel bad brew.

You keep to try and then make more, use thinkwater for remembering and make gooder brews next time.

Keep brew and more and more!

Bottle Book over.

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