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Boulder Traps are Traps that can be found on any level except the NPC village levels, and levels 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35. They are activated if the Player or an NPC walks directly below them, after which a big boulder will fall out of the ceiling and roll into a random direction until it hits a wall, dealing 80 damage to anything in its way.

A player can spot a Boulder Trap by looking at the ceiling, as there is a huge hole on the tile the Boulder will fall out of.

If the player has Five Strength or more, they can push a stationary Boulder around by right clicking, which can be used to crush enemies or to clear paths blocked by the Boulder.

It is possible to survive a rolling boulder if the player is a high enough level.


  • The trap emits a subtle sound, similar to the pipes and the ladder to the next level.
  • The Boulder Trap is the first Trap a player can encounter, as it can spawn as soon as the first floor.
  • Items can trigger boulders as well, dropping or throwing items underneath is a safe way to trigger the trap.
  • Getting crushed by a Boulder is required for the "Throw me the whip" achievement on Steam.
  • Boulders will destroy doors and go through doorways, even if open.

Shhh... Listen carefully, you can hear a trap before it triggers.

Steam card photo.