A very powerful enemy that will sometimes spawn if the player takes too long to complete the level. There can be more than 1 appearance of the minotaur in a playthrough, even if it was killed. There is a chance of the Zap Brigade spawning on these floors to do battle with the minotaur. While it is possible to kill a minotaur solo, it is very difficult.

  • The Minotaur can sometimes be prevented from spawning by entering a shop or becoming invisible.
  • The Minotaur found in the Minotaur Maze seems a lot stronger than the one found in the levels.
  • The Baron will always warn you before the Minotaur spawns.
  • A shopkeeper can easily kill a Minotaur, hiding near or in a shop could save your life.
  • In the Cursed Edition of Barony, the Minotaur can summons a small cloud to float across pits.

    • "Surely we have enough time to do a little more exploring."
    • "Our might cannot be challenged, let us lie in wait for it."
    • "It may be large, but we are swift. It cannot kill what it cannot catch."
    • "Sweateth not, the ZAP Brigade shall protect us."
  • ~Various last words uttered upon ignoring warnings about the Minotaur's imminent arrival.

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