Quick enemy that while not particularly dangerous, can damage low armor class characters significantly if not spotted. Shows up only in the first few dungeon levels for the player to stock up food off of. Rats will fight other dungeon enemies such as skeletons, so keep an eye out for dropped meats.

"Rats ain't too much of a threat. Matter a' fact, unless they're hungry er sumn, they wont hurt ya at all! So, if they start eatin' at ya, just a hit or 2 from yer weapon'll put em in their place. Otherwise, let em be I say, or yur just wastin yur strength." ~Shopkeeper Joe

Don't be a fool! Always be wary of even the smallest foes.

Death By Rat

Steam card photo.

Rats will drop either an always fresh meat uncursed, or moudly cheese.

"Hark, I hear a rat! thou silly Baron. Verily I shall have its meat. You'll have to do better than that! Engarde! Oh my, thou art a big one aren't you? OUCH! Wait, there are more of you?" ~The last words of Leopold the Healer (screams not recorded)

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