[When you first open this book, it appears to say variations of the phrase "jib jub" scrawled repeatedly all over the pages. It takes a moment for your eyes to adjust, and the text makes itself more legible for you.]

We have to leave this place because there are too many beasts here! We are excited to mine, there is so much to mine in the walls! So many shiny minerals, so much magic in the rocks. We mine and mine and mine but then we die. We keep dying and we don't want to die more. We have to mine more to make more and then we die, so we will have to go somewhere else to mine.

One type of beast we think we can kill. Small like us. We shoot it with lightning but it does not hurt it like it hurts others! It has orange scales and is short, but they have swords and bows, and they come to us and kill us even while we cast lightning at them. We try to kill them and we kill some with mining picks, now they will not let us mine anymore. They kill us so we must find somewhere else to mine. Even a bug, it does not die when hit with powerful lightning. It pinches and kills us!

When we try to escape, we mine and we mine and we mine. We find another scaly beast. It flies and squacks and is green, and it doesn't mine. It kills us. We all attack and we shoot with lightning, and it is hurt, but is too tough! It chases us and shoots lightning at us and we are paralyzed! We cannot mine or fight or shoot lightning, so instead we die! It kills us, so we must find somewhere else to mine.

We wanted to mine in the caves covered in crystal, but then we went there and mined, and we died, and so we left. If you find this place and you want to mine and mine and mine, we think instead you should leave and find somewhere else, and then mine there instead. We write this so that perhaps if you find a place with crystals in the walls, you will instead not mine there.


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