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Character Attributes, or Stats are a measure of a character's strengths and abilities in Barony. They are separate from skills, but have a similar function in passively assisting the player as they accumulate more points of attribution. affect a character's successful use of their skills.


When compared to skills, Stats are much more generalized than the skills accumulated throughout the dungeon, allowing for general archetypes to be enhanced by the bonuses of stats, while a more specialized character can rely on the more potent benefits of skill mastery.

Gaining Stats

Stats are granted every time the character levels up, requiring an extra 100 experience until another dose of stats can be allocated.

Each Class also begins their adventure with a set range of stat allocations alongside their skills and equipment when starting a new adventure. Furthermore, the sex of the character has an impact to the stats of the character, with Male characters beginning with +1 point of Strength, while Female characters begin with +1 to Dexterity.

List of Stat Types

Name Description from Character Attributes Book Related Skills
Strength (STR) "A scale to represent a person's might. Persons of higher strength hit harder and may carry more equipment without being fatigued. With 5 or more Strength, characters can manually push boulders." Sword, Mace, Axe, Polearm, Unarmed
Dexterity (DEX) "A scale to represent a person's quickness. Persons of higher dexterity may both move quicker and be surer in their strikes, while also being more capable of dodging incoming hits." Ranged
Constitution (CON) "A scale to represent a person's fortitude. Persons of higher constitution endure pains and hardships better than those with the lesser, and may also be quicker to recover from ailments. Poisoning from Giant Spiders is not affected, however, and will always last 10 seconds." Shield, Swimming
Intelligence (INT) "A scale to represent a person's wits. Persons of higher intelligence can deduce and execute our mystic and magical methods better than those with a lesser intelligence." Magic, Casting, Alchemy
Perception (PER) "A scale to represent a person's senses. Persons of higher perception may pierce the night's shadows better than those with lesser perception." Stealth, Appraise, Tinkering
Charisma (CHR) "A scale to represent a person's charm. Persons of higher charisma may have better luck in the coercion of others, particularly in trade and in the battlefield." Leadership, Trading