Mine Town Chat!

Hello and welcome to the Barony wiki Mine Town Chat Room! This room is setup for fans of Barony to meet up and discuss tactics on the game, as well as meet up for port forwarding and co-op planning.

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We have a few set rules and regulations here, failure to follow the rules and behave will result in a ban. Read the rules carefully and remember them.

  • No vulgarity: Keep it PG, no swearing, sexual content, or gore.
    • The swears damn and hell are allowed.
  • No bullying: Be nice, be kind, do not try to be deliberately mean or hurtful.
  • No spoilers: Respect new players, don't spoil any good secrets for them.
  • No giving away personal information: Keep your name and exact location to yourself, also remember to keep your IP and ports to yourself or in a PM.
  • No spamming: Do not spam all caps, emoticons, links, or just letters in general.
  • No drama: Do not cause unnecessary drama on chat.


The list of chat emoticons can be found here. Do not misuse or spam them, if you have a good idea for an emote that relates to the game you may send a message to The Wizard!

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