• Description: "Students of the church. Fairly well equipped and able in many ways, they are well-rounded adventurers."
  • Gear: 3 Brand New Scrolls of Summon, 1 Slightly Aged Bread, 2 Bubbly Red Potions of Healing, Serviceable +1 Iron Mace, Worn Wooden Shield, Worn Leather Breastpiece, 1 Serviceable Torch, Worn +1 Iron Bracers, Serviceable Cloak.
  • Difficulty: Beginner

Starting StatsEdit

Stat Male Female
Strength 1 0
Dexterity -1 0
Constitution 1 1
Intelligence 0 0
Perception 2 2
Charisma -1 -1

Starting SkillsEdit

Skill Level
Tinkering None
Stealth None
Trading None
Appraise None
Swimming Basic (25)
Leader Basic (20)
Casting Basic (25)
Magic Basic (25)
Skill Level
Ranged None
Sword None
Mace Basic (25)
Axe None
Polearm None
Shield None
Unarmed None
Alchemy Basic (20)
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