Controlling Goblins

Allan  O'gaffining

My camp was recently attacked by a colony of Goblins. Everyone was killed but me and Alex. These weren't just ordinary Goblins though, they were led by a human. This gave me an idea. Me and alex could rule the mines! We could wipe this guy off the maps. Twice the manpower, twice the area we can rule, and twice the army we can maintain. It's foolproof, really. I'm going to attempt to make my way into the ranks of the Goblins. This could prove to be difficult, they have a foreign political and communial system that I'm going to have to weave my way into, and then take over their king, and get them on my side...It's going to be messy. But, as with every other political revolution, the mess is worth the outcome. I think I'll call the new civilization "Allania".... Allan signing off.

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