BaronyGame Wiki

Controls refer to the inputs to control the player's character in Barony, being able to be customized in the Settings menu at any time for the player's convenience.


Barony uses the standard control scheme of 'mouse and keyboard' controls as input, generically known as "mouselook/keymove", with many first-person games use such a scheme. The game cannot be played using only a mouse but may be played with keyboard only, even having partial Controller support if needed.

The base controls are as follows:

  • [W] = Move Forward
  • [A] = Strafe Left
  • [S] = Move Backwards
  • [D] = Strafe Right
  • [Q] = Rotate Left
  • [R] = Rotate Right
  • [C] = Look Up
  • [Z] = Look Down
  • [LMB] Left Mouse Button = Attack with weapon or use item
  • [RMB] Right Mouse Button = Interact with game world objects
  • [I] = Inventory Screen
  • [M] = Magic/Spellbook
  • [F] = Cast Spell
  • [Space] = Sneak, Block, use offhand item
  • [Esc] = Close Inventory/Magic

When inside the inventory:

  • [LMB] Left Mouse Button = Arrange items/spells, or observe objects in dungeon
  • [RMB] Right Mouse Button = Item use menu (Equip, Eat, etc.)

General Movement[]

The basic movement consist of "WASD" to move the character, while moving the mouse controls where the player looks from their character, as well as to aim their attacks. Any combinations of player movement and vision is possible, with penalties to speed if the player is moving backwards away from where they are looking from. To maximize speed, the player must turn away from their threat and retreat.

Left-Click will use the player's selected item, often serving as the main form of attack. Melee weapons, as well as Thrown weapons reel in a hit that can be quickly spammed by the player. Alternatively, waiting for the charge to cause the player's hand to shake will deal a critical strike, inflicting more damage in the process and enabling secondary effects of some weapons. Charging for too long will unleash the swing.

Some items have different methods to charging. Bows and similar weapons will fire an arrow after drawing them back, automatically loading in sequential shots for as long as the player holds down the left-click. Other items such as potions will instantly toss their flask upon clicking, while Lockpicks or Skeleton Keys will quickly thrust out and interact with the game world for however long the player holds left-click.

Right-Click allows the player to manually interact with the game world themselves, with Sinks or Fountains being drained by this interaction, and items being picked up and put into the player's inventory. Affiliate NPCs found in the dungeon can be recruited with the right-click, and then commanded with a wheel of actions depending on their Leadership skill.

Unlike most other first-person genre titles, there is no jump button or similar action. Changes in elevation is used in much of Barony's level design, either requiring players to Levitate over pits or to sink down and swim in water tiles.

Inside the Inventory[]

Pressing the I key will open up the player's inventory, displaying their items that are currently equipped and those residing for use later on. The left and right mouse buttons have different uses in the inventory, as well as letting the player's cursor free. While the Inventory or Magic screen is open, the character will be unable to look around with the mouse, through vision can still be moved with Rotate and Look Up/Down inputs.

Left click will move around items to different slots in the inventory for manual sorting. Dragging them out of the inventory and not into the hotbar will drop the item. Placing items on the hot bar will allow the player to quickly wield or consume the item in that slot, allowing them to swap between a pickaxe and a sword without opening the inventory, or to consuming some healing potions rapidly.

Right click will display the item's possible interactions. This allows the player to begin inspecting items, as well as equipping armor or weapons. Books, mail and Spellbooks within the player's magical capacity can be read, and numerous equipment pieces can perform their specialized functions.


Pressing the M key will open the magic inventory. Separate from the player's actual inventory, this serves as a reserve for the player's memorized spells, where each can be prepared for casting after being learned. Pressing the F key makes the player conjure the spell, releasing it once they finish the spell.

Like items, spells can be dragged to the hotbar for quick preparation of those spells. They cannot however be thrown out of the inventory, only ever being lost by reading a cursed spellbook.


Sneaking is done by pressing and holding the Space bar. This slows the player's movement, but also increases their ability to see in the dungeon's darkness, scaling with Stealth level and Perception. Torches, Lanterns, and Crystal Shards will also have the same effect, magnified by their own light.

The larger utility of Sneaking is how it can be augmented by the equip of several items. Shields for example will replace the light effects of Sneaking with Blocking, raising the shield up for increased defense at the risk of damaging the shield than usual.

Spellbooks will be read from and have their spell cast when the player presses the space bar, repeatedly casting if they hold down the space bar.

Other items like the Tinkering Kit or the Alembic will allow the player to hold the sneak button and either left-click or right-click to use the items and/or open up their UIs to quickly brew or craft on the fly.