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On January 31st 2016 Turning Wheel released a beta update to Barony known as "Cursed Edition"

Cursed Edition added an entire new graphics set to the game, as well as new features such as the ability to toggle on/off traps, the Minotaur, friendly fire, and hunger. New multiplayer options also came with Cursed Edition, allowing auto connect lobbies in Steam. An update or two later, the original direct IP connection was added. There was also the addition of new map designs, the swamp became swampier (more water), and the mines got new structures (small castles). Many glitches were fixed in Cursed Edition.

The January release was a beta release, only obtainable through Steam by clicking the beta option in the game's properties. The full version was released on February 16 2016, shortly followed by a few days later.

  • List of changes.
    • Added toggle options.
      • Minotaur.
      • Hunger.
      • Traps.
      • Friendly fire.
      • Cheats.
    • Minotaur flies over water and pits.
    • Over haul of all graphics.
      • Models, textures, sprites, UI, and effects.
    • Added new multiplayer features.
      • Both Steam lobby and classic IP connection.
    • New NPCs carrying special goods! See NPCs for details, further research is needed.
    • New enemies! See enemy guide for details, further research is needed.
      • Octopus?
      • Bugbears?
      • Mimics?
    • Passable levers.
    • More balanced boss fights.
    • Easier leadership skill.
    • Followers will follow you from floor to floor.
    • Enemies back off when taking extreme damage.
    • New human styles featuring skin and hair.
    • More water in swamp, and more structures in the mines and ruins.
Admin Notes
I found in the game's scripts the IDs for "bugbear", "mimic", and "octopus".
I've yet to actually encounter any of them. Screenshots would be useful along 
with any information you, devoted fans, can muster up.
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