Dominated NPCs act as followers to a Wizard or spellcaster of legendary abilities. The spell of domination is awarded to the player automatically when he or she reaches legendary magic ability, without the need for any Spellbooks, in fact the spellbook for domination doesn't exist.

Dominated NPCs work similarly to the friendly critters, following the player into battle and fighting by their side. Dominated NPCs will, however, turn on their master if a ring of conflict is equipped, or if the player hurts them in any way. Neither Bosses nor Shop Keepers can be dominated.

Dominated NPCs will change their color scheme to a sort of (usually) greenish color.

Domination takes 21 MP to cast, plus however many HP the targeted enemy has left. If you run out of MP however, the game will drain your HP to convert into magical energy. WARNING: THIS CAN KILL YOU!

Tips for dominationEdit

  • Weaken an enemy by lowering it's HP before casting the spell, thus lowering the magical cost.
  • Equip an amulet of life saving before dominated any big creature with massive health bars.
  • Hit an enemy once with a light attack to see it's health bar will give you an estimate for the potential cost.
  • Scrolls of Food are especially useful for this spell, as keeping a full hunger bar means faster HP regain.
  • The healing spells synergize very nicely with this ability; after weakening an enemy in order to lower the spell cost, you can heal both your new ally and yourself if necessary.
  • Dominated human
  • Dominated Goblin
  • Dominated Kobold (ow my eyes!)
  • Dominated Cocktrice
  • Dominated Crystal Golem
  • Dominated Scorpion
  • Dominated Troll
  • Dominated Incubus

Charmed CrittersEdit

Charmed critters work exactly like dominated critters, the only difference is that they must be charmed using a Mage Staff of Charm Monster. The spell for charm monster is used by succubi, and can only be learned via cheating in a spellbook.

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