A page for various miscellaneous items.

  • Pickaxe: Breaks walls or boulders into rock colored gems
  • Tin Opener: Opens tin cans.
  • Mirror: When at +0, will tell you if you are starting to get hungry before the hunger alert will. When cursed, will tell you you look like a monster and subsequently destroy itself. When blessed, will teleport you to a random spot on the map.
  • Lock pick: Has a chance to open chests or doors. Rate of success is determined by tinkering stat.
  • Key: Can unlock and lock any door or chest. Unlimited use.
  • Torch: Illuminates the area around you. It has limited life before extinguishing.
  • Lantern: Similar to the torch, but less common and lasts much longer.
  • Blindfold: Blinds the wearer. Also allows you to read spellbooks and "identify" them with no effect if it is cursed, will not improve appraise ability, though.
  • Towel: Stops bleeding when used. Also used to clean grease from food tins that are causing you to fumble weapons, as well as cream pie smears that are blinding you before that effect would wear off on its own.
  • Glasses: +1 PER. And you look dashing.
  • Beartrap: A trap you can place which stuns enemies and deals damage. They cannot be triggered by the player.
  • Luckstone: A stone that reduces your weight by 20 when in your inventory. The Joker starts with an unidentified Luckstone.
  • Crystal Shard: Illuminates the area around you. It does not extinguish.
  • Alembic: Can be used for mixing potions into other potions. See Potion Mixing for more info.
  • Tinker Kit: Can be used to salavage unused equipment for metal/magic scrap, repair equipment and to create tinker-based traps/tools/mechanical units.
  • Enchanting feather: Can be used to create scrolls.
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