Miscellaneous tools & equipment.

Image Name Description
Pickaxe Held in your main hand, used to dig walls or break boulders.
Tin Opener Required to open tins of food.
Towel Can be used to stop bleeding and clean your hands off of grease from tins, or wipe cream pie off of your face.
Mirror Lets you see your own face! You can tell how hungry you are when you look into a mirror, a blessed mirror will just teleport you to a random spot on the map.
Lock Pick Held in your main hand. Used to pick locks on doors or treasure chests, can also be used to disarm atomatons. Uses the tinkering skill.
Skeleton Key Held in your main hand. Can be used to unlock any door or treasure chest.
Torch Held in your offhand. Illuminates the area around you, provides minimal light and burns out quickly.
Lantern Held in your offhand. Illuminates the area around you, provides a large amount of light and lasts for a long time.
Crystal Shard Held in your offhand. Illuminates the area around you, provides a fair amount of light forever.
Blindfold Makes you blind, duh. Reading a cursed spellbook while blind won't activate any curse effects.
Blindfold of Focus Makes you blind, but makes you immune to paralysis and sleep.
Blindfold of Telepathy Makes you blind, but you'll still be able to see all entities on the floor.
Glasses Grants the wearer +1 perception, and you look dashing!
Beartrap A trap you can place which stuns enemies and deals damage. They cannot be triggered by the player.
Luckstone Reduces your weight by -20lbs.
Alembic Lets you mix potions, see Alchemy for more info.
Tinker toolkit.png
Tinker Kit Can be used to salvage unused equipment for metal/magic scrap, repair equipment and to create tinker-based traps/tools/mechanical units.
Magic quill.png
Enchanting Feather Used to make scrolls.
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