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Erudyce is one of the 2 final bosses on floor 35. She, along with her brother Orpheus, were the arch-wizards of the magician's guild. Erudyce has a multitude of attacks, each having a different tactic to evade. The magicstaff that she uses never breaks in her hand. Erudyce will fire spells of cold as her main attack, hover 3 magic missiles above her head and shoot them towards the player with downward momentum, or teleport to the middle and constantly shoot spells of magic missile with predictive aiming, all while surrounded by spells of drain soul. While Erudyce is in the middle, she will also spawn corrupted automatons, who do not drop their items. She will also sometimes cast spells of cold or drain soul around her, as well as spells of slow. Be careful when delivering the fatal blow to her, as she will shoot out many rings of drain soul spell around her after death.


  • Cursed -5 Magicstaff of Cold
  • Gold

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