Gems are a group of items found within Barony, providing a potentially substantial quantity of Gold, though requiring a high level of appraisal skill and Perception to siphon through real gemstones and fakes.

Description Edit

Gems are unlike most other objects found in the dungeon, in that they have little to no utility, combat or aiding benefits when using them, serving primarily as a resource that can be sold to Shopkeepers for a large sum of Gold when identified.

Their role had been greatly expanded in the Legends and Pariahs DLC, serving as a food source for the Automaton monster race, as well as expanding its usage as a ranged item alongside other thrown items.

Appraisal Edit

Like most other items found inside the dungeon, Gems will begin unidentified, making their gem type and value unknown until they are properly appraised. To further complicate the process of gemstones, there are also worthless pieces of glass that can be found instead of an actual gemstone, making holding onto a single gem possibly worthless when properly appraised.

Due to their large Gold values, appraisal is often slow and restricted by the gold limit that a player can appraise to. Furthermore, Appraisal skill has the restriction of characters being unable to appraise an average gemstone apart from a worthless piece of glass, requiring an Expert rank or higher in that skill to process gems effectively. Certain gemstones, especially those that are naturally lower in value, can be appraised earlier than most other gemstones, even being appraised before the player would officially be able to distinguish the average gemstone from worthless glass.

Certain Shops purchase identified gemstones, such as jewelers and general shops. Special Monsters Certain instances will yield gemstones which are already identified however. Most Special Monsters which don’t drop an Artifact will often drop a gemstone already appraised and ready for sale. The Minotaur also drops a gem in this case, an identified flawless diamond or ruby if it is defeated.

Combat Edit

While limited, gemstones parallel most early-game throwable items when wielded by the player, able to be thrown over a short distance to damage enemies as an impromptu ranged weapon. Furthermore, the Legends and Pariahs DLC update expanded on this concept of throwable items, allowing the player to charge up the shot in order to inflict greater damage and a longer throw distance.

Luckstone Edit

Luckstone is the gemstone equivalent to normal rocks, serving as a utility by decreasing the overall weight of the player’s inventory by twenty points. It has similar functionality to other gemstones in terms of throwing and combat, but also lacks the selling price, making it much more suited for non-shop activities.

List of Gemstones Edit

Name Weight Gold Value Color
rock 20 0 Rock
luckstone -20 100 Rock
garnet 2 700 Red
ruby 2 3500 Red
jacinth 2 3250 Orange
amber 2 1000 Orange
citrine 2 1500 Yellow
jade 2 300 Green
emerald 2 2500 Green
sapphire 2 3000 Blue
aquamarine 2 1500 Blue
amethyst 2 600 Purple
fluorite 2 400 Purple
opal 2 800 White
diamond 2 4000 White
jetstone 2 850 Black
obsidian 2 200 Black
piece of worthless glass 3 0 Any

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