Not to be confused with Goatman, the enemy type.

Goatmen are a monster race option in Barony, introduced in the Myths and Outcasts DLC alongside three other monster races. Afflicted with intermittent hangovers, they are granted a slew of various bonuses to allow for some unconventional modes of playing through the dungeon.

Description Edit

Being a group of rowdy drinkers, Goatmen begin each game asleep for a few seconds before waking up to a splitting hangover. Hangovers are the major gimmick of the class, pressuring the player to constantly consume more bottles of booze in order to remove negative status effects for a period of time.

While under a hangover, the player has their DEX decreased by three points, as well as having their screen circle around like any other race under the effects of being drunk. To reward the player for curing their hangover with booze, Goatmen are immune to drunkness penalties to stats and screen circling, instead bolstering their STR and CHR. Hangover can alternatively be cured by spells or potions of Cure Ailment.

To feed into their alcoholism, Goatmen are granted the uncanny ability to yield one to three potions from Fountains when they drink from them, being determined by chance for this to occur and to how many potions are awarded. The types of potions yielded by this method vary, allowing for some bottles of booze to help with a hangover in a pinch.

Being part goat, Goatmen can consume Tin Cans whole, even without a tin opener to assist them. This can be quite helpful, as Tin Cans would require one less inventory slot to be consumed safely, only requiring a towel to wipe down after consumption.

Social Standings Edit

Goatmen are unfortunately a very niche monster type to find around the dungeon, being located in Hell and in the Citadel. As such, Goatmen players would be very difficult monsters to make allies with early on into the dungeon, without resorting to using some potions of Polymorph to trick some humans along for the ride.

However, there is a caveat to being such a party animal. While Humans will attack Goatmen on sight like any other monster race, they can be persuaded by throwing a bottle of booze at them while being drunk. After avoiding eye contact to dispel any aggression, the Goatmen can now recruit the Human after sneaking up to them and interacting with them.

Since Shopkeepers are much less susceptible to drunkness, they will always see Goatmen as an enemy and attack on sight.

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  • In their traits description in-game, the point which describes intermittent hangovers has a typo which uses "that" twice.
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