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Not to be confused with Goblin, the enemy type.

“Goblins” are a monster race option in Barony, introduced in the Legends and Pariahs DLC alongside three other monster races. They take pride their physical prowess, utilizing items for longer before degradation, as well as attributing weapon proficiency to all types of weapons.


Goblins serve as one of the closer monster races to true Humans, with similar hunger systems, reception to blessings and curses, and has a roughly equal footing in terms of affiliate NPCs to persuade into joining in on the trek through the dungeon.

The major distinguishing factors for Goblins is their ability to specialize into physical combat more than most other races. When a Goblin increases their proficiency of any weapon, the other surrounding weapon proficiencies increase alongside it. While this perk is balanced by an overall slower gain of points, it allows a melee-heavy Goblin to be able to swap between weapon types on a whim to benefit from the various perks that weapon proficiency provides.

Alongside having a versatile melee range, Goblins also have a lower chance to having their items degrade on use. This includes any armor, weapons, and second-hand items like shields or spellbooks, making the pickup of several weapon types able to sustain longer if one of them is of low quality.

To counteract the ability to specialize more into melee, Goblins are stricken with the inability to read and memorize spells from spellbooks. This remains separate from class-specific innate spells, such as Summon Skeleton for the Conjurer or the many transformations of the Shaman.

This makes magic use for Goblins much more limiting, as any spells the player would need now would have to be cast from their respective spellbooks. Given that there are so many unique spells to find within Barony, each additional book can make it difficult to manage one’s inventory, as well as being able to degrade over repeated usage.

Social Standings[]

The Swamp is predominated by Goblins, meaning a Goblin player can easily recruit a full party before proceeding further into the dungeon. Past that point, goblins are scantily featured in the Sand Labyrinth and the Ruins, meaning a player should be ready to begin recruiting Automatons when proceeding past Baron Herx.

Since Goblins are a monster race, they are naturally targeted by both Humans and Shopkeepers, requiring a fight or a quick escape if they see the player.