Gungnir is a rare artifact weapon in Barony, being the polearm representative of the magical weapons. Its sharp golden tip allows it to deal consistent damage regardless of polearm proficiency, as well as penetrating enemy armor on certain hits.

Description Edit

From its first introduction, Gungnir has always aimed to be one of the most consistent damaging weapons of the artifact weapons, never benefiting from any damage bonuses like Parashu or Dyrnwyn, but also ignoring the random damage loss whenever the player is using a weapon they have minor proficiency in. This would pair well with the other innate qualities of artifact weapons, being completely immune to degradation on repeated use.

In the Legends and Pariahs update, Gungnir was shown a pretty substantial buff to put it more in line with the other artifact weapons. It now has an additional bonus of ignoring 50% of enemy AC values, with the likelihood of this occurring dependent on polearm proficiency, scaling up to a maximum of 25% for each hit.

Armor penetration can play a substantial role in making damage overall more consistent, though obviously has its limitations. Enemies which possess armor are often the common enemy type, so using this weapon against enemies who don armor to make themselves more bulky will be taken out quite readily by this weapon. Notable cases such as some of the humans in Hamlet, or the Skeleton Knights which reside in Bram’s Castle are greatly armored threats and would otherwise require magic damage to take out effectively.

Location Edit

Gungnir is much more different than most other artifact weapons, in that it is very accessible to players if they have the proper tools. Not only does it spawn guaranteed within the Minotaur Maze, but it is also tied to a rare human spawn, named Vishpala.

The Minotaur Maze is a dangerous endeavor for any slow moving class, but most players at the time of the Sand Labyrinth would have some access to Dig, and either enough firepower to handle the Minotaur head-on or enough mobility tricks to get in and out of the maze with Gungnir and Mystic Red Orb in tow.

The location of the maze in relation to the rest of the dungeon also provides a very welcome dose of convenience for those willing to use Gungnir. It is placed late enough so that the average player is able to deal with harsh requirements such as digging and levitation, a benefit that attempts at getting Khryselakatos often lack. It is also placed early enough to let players develop some skills with polearms if they lack any points of skill before obtaining the weapon, as well as allowing it to be used against Baron Herx.

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