Hell is a hidden location in Barony, only accessible after entering and traversing The Underworld from The Ruins. It is a hostile environment, filled with many powerful creatures, demons, pits and lava pools along its path, before ending the adventure with a grand battle against Baphomet. Leaving Hell will win the player the game, returning them back to Hamlet.

Description Edit

Hell is often laid out with large rooms and small closed-in areas, allowing ranged characters to thrive here. Most notably, through the use of large pits and lava pools does most of Hell remain open for the player and the enemies that inhabit it, making it an excellent location for ranged magic or weapons, as well as owners of permanent forms of levitation.

Residence here are often demonic in nature, with Imps, Incubi, Succubi and Demons wandering around commonly, with Lesser Goatmen added in the mix to make sure the player has a consistent supply of armor parts if one is broken in combat. This enemy layout also serves in favor for several monster races to stock up on followers for their trek through Hell.

Unlike most other dungeon layers, Hell only has three floors, with the fourth being taken up by the battle with Baphomet.

Baphomet Edit

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The root of all evil, Baphomet is the secret boss of Barony, found after three prior levels of Hell to get to the boss arena, where a combination of magic, summons and boulder attacks await any hardened player. Defeating Baphomet will reveal an exit filled with enemies, on the pathway to the exit.

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