How to be Strong

    Mann Lee Mann

    Salutations miner! I'm Mann Lee Mann, Minister of health and strength for Herx's mining! If you're reading this, you're probably wondering, "Why do my tiny, fragile baby muscles ache when I hit the stones?" Well, probably because you're being a sissy. Wanna not be sissy? Good! That's why I'm here! First off:

    Stay repleted! Thats right! A full tummy keeps you energized, which can be used to get stronger! A diet of medium-rare steak, eggs, and beer will do the trick.

    Always be working! Never sleep. You know what sleeps? The creepy things at the bottom of the mine. And you don't wanna be those, because they're weak! Also, Herx'll raise your taxes if he finds you sleeping on the job.

    Got time off? Screw family! Work out! Yes that's right! Go hit the weights, chum! Get big, work those biceps, triceps, abdomens, fabdoglims, whatever you wanna call them, work it! Not only will your lady be impressed, you'll also be able to provide more efficient work for Baron Herx!

    Well, there you have it! A quick guide to be efficient, strong, and a good and loyal worker! Remember, don't slack off!

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