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Not to be confused with Humans, the NPCs separate from the player.

Humans are the base race option in Barony, being the only option since the beginning of the game until the Myths and Outcasts DLC. They serve as the well-rounded basic ethnicity option, with no major gimmicks and serving very much as an even playing field compared to other race options.


As the base race of the game, Humans work very well as a “jack-of-all-trades” race, where other races will specialize towards only one kind of playstyle. So while no particular playstyle is favored, none are inhibited by downsides. Unorthodox combinations of playstyles can be more easily achieved where other races may create complications.

Humans are able to choose any class from the Character Creator phase, being able to bypass the restriction of needing that class’ monster to complete the main game in order to be used for other races. This allows players to test out all the classes with a simpler race, so that intricacies can be worked out before combining a class’ items and proficiencies with a monster race’s major gimmicks.

Unrelated to general gameplay, Humans are granted the largest range of customization for player models out of any other race, able to display 18 different human appearances for both male and female options, as well as having the option to play monster ethnicities without their stats and only as their aesthetic model, effectively playing as a human.

Social Standings[]

While not bolstered by any overt gimmicks or bonuses like other monster races, Humans find their strength in how well they can find new party members deep within the dungeon, as well as being able to partake in trading without being discriminated against. While finding humans are often rare to find in the dungeon at random, there are often scripted microstructures which feature a few guaranteed humans.

Humans can be found throughout the dungeon, able to spawn in from the very beginning of the Mines to the end of the Caves. There is a notable lack of recruitable humans in the Citadel, so stocking up in the proceeding floors can be helpful.

Not all humans are the same however, on rare occasions normal humans are replaced with a Named Human. These Named Humans are generally stronger than their generic counterparts, often equipped with rare artifacts, items with high levels of blessing, or the ability to cast spells. As a human, these NPCs make for fantastic party members, often able to hold their own much more effectively than a normal human can.

Shopkeepers are also a great asset for humans to interact with, trading in their accumulated gold for items, and possibly even selling some less useful items to spend on a larger purchase. While monsters are able to use potions of polymorph to circumvent their own limitations here, they can only have so many potions to use at a time, where humans do not need to rely on such items to initiate trade.

Notable locations for human recruitment include Minetown and Hamlet. Minetown presents a large population of humans to recruit, able to fill out several player’s parties once they leave for the proceeding floors, with four merchants to browse and potentially trade with.

Hamlet also has many humans to both talk to and to recruit, with eight predetermined stores to browse. Of the potential recruitment, the most notable candidates are with “The Heroes”. This group of nameless NPCs referred only by their title are readily equipped with armor, weapons, and even accessories such as amulets or rings, making them a great pick-up for starting the Caves. At worst, they are great for tanking a lot of damage and if killed early on, the items they drop can be used for the player’s use.