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Not to be confused with Incubus, the enemy type.

Incubi' are a monster race option in Barony, introduced in the Legends and Pariahs DLC alongside three other monster races. They follow a similar pattern to their female counterparts, the Succubus, using curses as blessings and several innate spells which allow them to terrorize single targets.


Incubi follow a lot of the same beats as their close relatives, the Succubus, being granted a lot of similar abilities and quirks, while still putting a few different tricks to keep each other different to how they approach enemies and use their spells.

Like Succubi, Incubi treat blessed items as cursed, still being granted bonuses to AC or damage but unable to remove those items once worn. Cursed items now provide bonuses to AC and damage, as well as being able to be removed from the player at will. To counteract blessed items from sticking, the player should either use Potions of Polymorph to remove them as a human, or used cursed bottles of water, which are found randomly through the dungeon, or brewed up by cursed alembics.

Innate spells is where the Incubus breaks away from their female counterpart. As expected, they start with the Teleportation spell for quick and chaotic escape. However, Incubi are presented with an exclusive spell: Arcane Mark. This spell allows the player to mark a single target, highlighting it on the map and nullifying any of its resistances to damage types. Having a marked target will also augment the Teleportation, reducing its mana cost by half and directly teleporting behind the marked target.

Social Standings[]

Areas such as the Caves or the Citadel have Incubi wandering the floors naturally. Plus, Bram’s Castle is home to three powerful Succubi found inside the second floor of that area, whom cast bolts of bloodletting.

Since Incubi are a monster race, they are naturally targeted by both Humans and Shopkeepers, requiring a fight or a quick escape if they see the player.



  • Incubi can only be selected as a male character, with the respective +1 point to STR.
    • Attempting to toggle to Female will instead change to the Succubus if the player also owns the Myths and Outcasts DLC.
      • Attempting to toggle without the DLC will instead merely select the Human female.