Dearest Journal,

It's been roughly a week since I last wrote. I will now write as regularly as possible to record the history of the Goblin expedition of the mines. I have climbed my way up the political ladder of the Goblin system which is as easy as it sounds. They will listen to my every command. Goblins are rather interesting, there political system is run based on action and power. If a Goblin opposed me, I'd kill him and drink his blood. This got me to the top in a matter of hours. Some might say "Wow, you've really snapped from being isolated so long", to which I say, "Oh yeah. Big time". I equipped them with the bones of dead Goblins and steel swords as available and we've already wiped out 2 camps and taken their loot. We're a sort of underground pirates, I guess. I always thought being a pirate would be awesome. I'll keep the documenting going for future generations to read from a first-hand source their God-like leaders journey.

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