Minetown is a secret area found in Barony, found in the Mines at the third floor, locked behind a large switch and double-gate puzzle. Inside is the remnants of old Hamlet’s inhabitants, as well as four separate shops, allowing a human player to recruit many new party members and to purchase some items before tackling the Swamps and further dungeon locations.

Description Edit

In a stark contrast to the Gnomish Mines’ large spike in player demand and overall difficulty, Minetown is a peaceful location to visit, home to half a dozen humans and four shopkeepers who can sell any combination of items between each other.

The player starts in a long room which connects to the main square of Minetown, with a sink or two already at their disposal before entering the main area. Near the end of the square, opposite where the player enters it, the trapdoor to the dungeon is located.

In a small room across from the exit, there is a lever inside. Switching it will cause the bars to a previously closed off section of the town to open. Entering here, several beds are presented, alongside a pathway to the right. Following this path and flipping one more switch will award the player a treasure chest, alongside two piles of gold.

As a Monster Edit

When playing as a hostile monster race, humans will engage the player with intent to kill. This can be somewhat threatening given how crossbow or bow wielding humans are especially dangerous, but fending them off and even defeating these humans awards the player with several pieces of armor, good experience and some gold most of the time. Given that most pieces of armor from the dungeon at this point are leather-tier, upgrading to iron can provide a great edge to future levels of the dungeon.

Be careful around shopkeepers, as being hostile with them leads to a massive health and heavily damaging magic caster to deal with. If the player wants to fight and loot shops however, Minetown is a good place to practice. Fighting around the fountain in the center of the map forces the shopkeeper to enter melee range, allowing the player to whittle down their health and hiding behind cover before being hit by a bolt of magic missile.

Trivia Edit

  • If the player has some form of digging, or a spell of open, they can access the watery outskirts of Minetown.
    • If they swim to the back of this area and to the left, they can find a small room with the Minecraft pickaxe easter egg.
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