The Minotaur Maze is a very dangerous level found through a secret portal in the Sand Labyrinth levels. The player is thrown into a maze where they are chased by a powerful Minotaur until they die or if they reach the exit. The maze does have a prize like all bonus areas, in the center of the maze is a small enclosed area surrounded by a pit and gates on three sides, West, North, and East. The only way in or out of the enclosure is through a small bridge Southward to the center, there are no gates guarding this entrance but you will have to back track out, most likely to the Minotaur's fist.

The prize in the center of this enclosure is Odin's Spear, Gungnir, a blessed magical spear that always strikes true! Sitting on a podium beside Gungnir is the red mystical orb used in the fight against Baron Herx.

Minotaur Maze Full Map
  • When you enter a floor with a portal to the Minotaur Maze, you will hear "the sounds of a hungry Minotaur", the Minotaur almost always will show up on the level with the portal.
  • The Minotaur will spawn in the maze regardless of the Misc. setting that lets you disable it.
  • Backtracking is almost suicide unless you can withstand a Minotaur sucker punch.
  • High level players might be able to kill the Minotaur, granting free rein to explore, they also might be able to tough out a few hits with a high def.
  • The maze is mostly looping hallways, so a fast player could easily outrun the Minotaur if they kept moving constantly, the maze ends at a dead end hallway that is on the opposite side of the starting point.
  • A ring or cloak of invisibility is highly suggested, the Minotaur doesn't seem to track you as easily if you are invisible.
  • A spell of opening and levitation would be useful in retrieving Odin's Spear, opening the gates and floating over the pit would eliminate the need to backtrack.
  • If you want to fight the Minotaur, use cold or bloodletting if you have them. It is best when the Minotaur is slowed.
  • A pickaxe or spell/staff of digging can be useful in getting to the exit.
Minotaur Maze Entrance
Minotaur maze 2

Here is the recommended route for the maze.

Certain abilities can create shortcuts with the map. Here is the recommended route if you have levitation as well as some form of opening spell.

Minotaur maze
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