The Mystic Library is a secret area in Barony, found in The Ruins on the sixteenth floor, with its portal hidden in a small fortress surrounded by lava and locked off by gates. Inside is a relatively peaceful location, filled to the brim with magical items like spellbooks, scrolls and magic staffs.

Description Edit

As expected for a library, the Mystic Library is a quaint detour from the normal dungeon with many books to read and learn from. In this case, this secret area is overflowing with spellbooks and other rare magical items that would significantly assist any magic-using player's play-through.

Even without much magical proficiency, the area has many magic staffs, allowing novice casters to gain some level of proficiency most of the time, as well as providing good items such as scrolls or magical cloaks to aid generalist players.

Wandering the hallways are several humans, allowing any normal player to make some quick friends to fill their party and gain Leadership skill, or to take out for some good experience.

Off to the side of the library is the Mystic Blue Orb, being one of the artifacts used either in the battle with Baron Herx, or to trade into the Mysterious Merchant in Hamlet.

The Accursed Edit

The Accursed class has an interesting interaction with the Mystic Library, which is otherwise absent from other classes. When entering, a treasure chest is chosen to spawn in with a spellbook of vampiric aura. With this, the player has the option to read the book and end the curse, returning their hunger drain to normal levels and their enhanced powers to subside.

The chest which holds the spellbook of vampiric aura will have a particle effect emanating from it, being the same red particle effect that the Accursed is associated with.

Trivia Edit

  • When entering the floor, the chat log will display "You hear mystic droning in the distance."
  • Merlin can often be found in the library.
  • There are two hidden chests in the library, one behind the wall at the furthest end of the big room with the pits, and one over on the other side of one of the two pits.
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