"Hamlet situation dubbed 'irreversible' by President Noggensem"

Today at a press conference, President Noggensem announced his decision to pull the royal army out of Hamlet and give up the fight. "The situation in Hamlet has spiraled out of control; it's irreversible. The hellspawn are killing men faster than they are going to fight. It's an overall tragedy... We cannot regain Hamlet, we can only attempt to contain it, lest we fall victim to the hands of the hellspawn."

Emotions were high, and so was the tension. There were hundreds of angry grievers who had lost family in the Hamlet Catastrophe. "I think they just don't want to put in the effort to regain Hamlet." Said a father, who lost his son in the mines, "Just 'cuz it's a small town they think it don't matter, but thems is human lives, it ain't a matter of money, politics, nothin' 'cuz that's human lives they just too selfish to go save."

This historic and tragic moment will forever be the darkest day in our history.

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