• Description: "A highly specialized assassin. They ambush foes with swords or ranged weapons, using a few other tricks to get out of bad situations."
  • Gear: Decrepit Crystal Sword, Serviceable Black Hood and Tunic, Serviceable Leather Boots of Speed, Excellent Black Cloak, Plain Potions of Invisibility and Paralysis, 5 Serviceable Iron Daggers, 3 Serviceable Bear Traps, 3 Marked Scrolls of Teleportation.
  • Difficulty: Hard.

Starting StatsEdit

Stat Male Female
Strength 0 -1
Dexterity 2 3
Constitution -1 -1
Intelligence -2 -2
Perception 0 0
Charisma 0 0

Starting SkillsEdit

Skill Level
Sword Expert
Axe None
Mace None
Polearm None
Ranged Skilled
Shield None
Swimming None
Skill Level
Appraise None
Magic None
Casting None
Leader None
Trading None
Stealth Expert
Locks None