Potions are a large group of consumable items found in Barony, each with a unique effect when consumed by the player or when thrown at an enemy or ally. They are also used as a primary component alongside an Alembic to perform alchemy.

Description [edit | edit source]

Potions begin as unidentified, often discernible from one another by both the color of the liquid held inside, as well as the shape of the potion bottle. Currently, there are eight different sprites used for potions, each with a unique color and bottle shape. A descriptor is also provided to each potion, though there is no effect to these descriptors other than aesthetics and their ability to stack with potions of differing shape/description.

Usage[edit | edit source]

As would be expected from consumables such as potions, the primary function of potions is to be used in order to benefit the player, either by healing damage that has been sustained, or adding a beneficial status effect for a limited time.

To counteract blind drinking of potions to gain instant bonuses, several mundane and even hazardous potions are present which hamper the player if consumed directly. Coincidentally, the second major usage of potions is as a form of consumable, ranged damage, where hit enemies will suffer from similar effects of the potion as if they had drank from the potion themselves. This mechanic also extends to beneficial potions, which in turn allows for a ranged support item for allies.

Potion Types[edit | edit source]

Name Weight Gold Effect Color
Bottle of Water 10 20g Sates Hunger slightly, removes the Burning status effect. Removes the effects of the Polymorph potion. Cursed Water also reverts a blessing or a curse into the opposite. Blue
Bottle of Booze 10 20g Sates Hunger slightly, inflicts the drunk status effect, Heals 5 HP. All colors
Bottle of Fruit Juice 10 20g Sates Hunger, Heals 5 HP. All colors
Potion of Invisibility 10 100g Grants the invisible status effect. Orange
Potion of Acid 10 60g Inflicts ~53 damage, also damages armor & gear when thrown Green
Potion of Sickness 10 50g Inflicts the sickness status effect. Red, Green, Purple
Potion of Confusion 10 50g Inflicts the confused status effect. Orange, Yellow, Brown
Potion of Healing 10 70g Heals 49 HP. Red, Orange
Potion of Extra Healing 10 100g Heals 203 HP. Red, Green, Purple, White
Potion of Cure Ailment 10 100g Removes any status effects on the player. White
Potion of Blindness 10 60g Inflicts the blind status effect. White
Potion of Restore Magic 10 80g Restores 85 MP. Green, Purple
Potion of Levitation 10 100g Grants the levitation status effect. Yellow
Potion of Speed 10 80g Grants the Speed buff, granting +5 DEX and halving the player's current weight. Blue
Potion of Paralysis 10 80g Inflicts the paralyzed status effect. Yellow, Blue
Potion of Polymorph 10 250g Changes the player's current race, wears off when swimming or drinking water. Purple
Potion of Firestorm 10 100g Causes a big burst of fire damage to an area. Destroys walls on direct hit. Orange
Potion of Icestorm 10 100g Causes a big burst of ice damage to an area. Inflicts slow onto hit targets. Blue
Potion of Thunderstorm 10 100g Causes a big burst of lightning damage to an area. Deals greater damage than other unstable potions. Yellow
Potion of Strength 10 50g Grants +5 STR and inflicts -5 PER temporarily. Red

Alchemy[edit | edit source]

Main Article: Alchemy

Alchemy allows for the creation of one potion from two other potions, requiring an Alembic to begin the process. When paired with a functional alembic, potions can be used to experiment with alchemy, a skill which increases as the player becomes more familiar with unknown potion types, brewing and using potions in combat.

Certain potions are completely hidden from the main game through the alembic and alchemy, with use of other potions through alchemy being the only method to obtaining them.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In one of its quotes, Sharur mentions that certain potions are always found in specific colors. This is true for most colors, often with a positive potion effect and a negative one to pair with it for each sprite.
  • Inesctoids gain bonuses from drinking “sweet” potions, such as Bottles of Fruit Juice, Booze, or Restore Magic Potions.
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