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Scrolls are items found in the game that while seemingly random tends to be a certain spell based on the "spell" that is there. Such as Yharr is generally a spell that summons torches. Regardless of that it is seemingly random, but might have a possible pool of effects (proven?)
Scroll effects tagged with a ??? are an estimation by Legopkimin, based on speculation from other scroll effects, and the fact they're generally "reversed" Please feel free to edit, correct, and share your opinions and experiences, thank you. -The Wizard (Legopikmin)

Scrolls are valuable items found throughout the entire game, having a very wide range of effects and fairly easy appraisal. Scrolls are light weight and often prove to be worth holding on to, a great many scrolls are found in various chests and in Mystic Library. Blessed scrolls will have extra benefits, while cursed scrolls reverse the intended effects.

Below is a list of all the known scrolls, their known effects, and their know blessed/cursed effects.

List of ScrollsEdit

Name Effects Blessed Cursed
Scroll of Food: Spawns one of every food, fresh! (meat,cheese,apple,fish,bread). All food spawned is blessed. All food spawned is cursed.
Scroll of Identity: Identifies a chosen item in the reader's inventory. Same effect. Turns several random (identified) items to unidentified.
Scroll of Light: Temporally casts a light around the reader. Stronger, brighter, lasts longer. Same effect.
Scroll of Teleportation: Teleports the reader to a random location in the dungeon. Unknown. Unknown.
Scroll of Fire: Sets the reader on fire! Sets the reader on fire!! Smokes and crumbles to ash.
Scroll of Enchant Armor: Blesses a random piece of the reader's currently equipped armor. The blessing is twice as strong. Curses your armor instead of blessing.
Scroll of Enchant Weapon: Blesses the reader's currently equipped weapon. The blessing is twice as strong. Curses your weapon instead of blessing.
Scroll of Remove Curse: Removes curse from a single chosen item/ Blesses a cursed item as well as un-cursing. Worsens the cursed object, or curses something new.
Scroll of Destroy Armor: Destroys a random piece of the reader's equipped armor, useful for cursed armor. Unknown. Unknown.
Scroll of Magic Mapping: Reveals the entire dungeon's map to the reader instantly. Same effect. Erases the reader's current dungeon map progress. ???
Scroll of Summon: Summons a random set of friendly critters. The higher the blessings count, the better the creatures spawned. Spawn evil creatures instead, such as goblins.
Blank Scroll Piece of paper which is used with enchating feather to create scrolls Will still have same blessed rating even if overwritten to other scroll Will still have same cursed rating even if overwritten to other scroll
List of "Useless" Scrolls Name Action/Event
Piece of Mail Usually has useless scribbles on it, like a personal letter from one goblin to another. A few Easter Eggs can be found on letters. Letters display only a short text on the event log, unlike books.
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