NPC shops can be found randomly in Barony on almost any floor of the game. Shopkeepers sell any range of items here, but will only buy items from the player that match their shop, i.e. potion shops will only buy potions, staff shops will only buy staves. The exception to this rule is general stores that will buy anything. The shopkeepers are extremely powerful and will attack the player with powerful magic if provoked, but will drop the entire contents of their shop upon death. They also will attack the player on sight if they have killed any Human on the current floor. They will not defend the player from hostile mobs.

Name Item Types
Arms & Armor Shop Any kind of weapon or armor, from swords to helms.
Hat Shop Any kind of headgear, hats to helms.
Potion Shop Anything in a bottle, will buy booze as well as potions.
Jewelry Shop Gems, amulets, rings, and rocks.
Book Store Any kind of book, spellbook or scroll.
Hardware Store Lanterns, lockpicks, beartraps, glasses, ect.
Magestaff Shop Only buys/sells magic staves.
Food Store Sells food, obviously.
General Store Buys/sells anything.
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