Sightings of the Lich    

 Recorded by Lung E. Ro

    Deep down in the mines is the Lich, formerly the ruler of Hamlet, Baron Herx, who ruled Hamlet tyrannically, and was punished to an eternity in the mines. However, whilst locked down here, he evolved to a Lich. No one quite knows how, but it is confirmed that he is real. Upon my arrival to Hamlet, a talk with the locals suggest everyone senses the presence of the Lich. "I was there the day we locked him way down there. No thing could survive down there, so it must be Herx. It must be." I got to meet the one person who claims to have seen the Lich and lived to tell the tale. "He was tall, and pale, very, very pale. He had yellowish teeth, and eyes that'll haunt me to this day. He was floating around, and I could tell it was Herx by his face. He started casting all sorts of magic, and demons flew out of nowhere. Thats when I started to run. All those explorers who come here in hopes of killing him are foolish. He gets in your head. I have nightmares every night, and I see him all the time. He'll never leave me alone. Never."

    Whether or not these claims are true, it is quite interesting to have an inside source on the matter, and to see if the rest of the country, or even the world, will finally have a say in the Hamlet matter.

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