Sinks are a randomly occurring object found throughout the dungeon in Barony, allowing players to take a drink to recover a little bit of health, or playing a variety of unique tricks on the player that uses it.

Description[edit | edit source]

Sinks can be regarded as a more mundane and more common variation of the Fountain, found more frequently inside the dungeon while providing less potent benefits than the fountain could. Furthermore, the downsides to using a sink compared to a fountain is far less deleterious, and can often be used multiple times for each sink before it inevitably breaks.

They are often used to accent larger structures within the dungeon to make them feel more realistic, such as providing prison rooms with a water source, or often found out in the open like most other furniture-type objects in the dungeon. Sinks are present in every layer of the dungeon, appearing often enough for the player to be able to access at least one per floor.

Events[edit | edit source]

When interacting with the sink via right-click, the player normally takes a sip from the water, healing one or two health. At any time it is used, even the first, there is a chance the sink will become broken and the player not able to use it again.

  • On occasion, drinking from the faucet will spawn a green Slime, often oblivious before noticing and becoming hostile towards the player.
  • The water being brought up can become scalding, inflicting damage rather than healing.
  • Rarely, the player can find a ring that comes out of the sink after drinking from it.

Attacking the sink at any stage will instantly cause it to become broken.

Potion Bottling[edit | edit source]

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If the player has an Empty Bottle to spare, they can equip it and press lift-click on the sink to refill the bottle and make a Bottle of Water. Doing so consumes the sink durability like drinking from it normally, yielding anywhere from a single bottle to four or five per sink.

If they fill bottles and a slime event occurs, the resulting bottle will instead be a Bottle of Acid.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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