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Presumably the poor adventurers that previously entered the mine...

Generally low hit points and attack, though low AC characters should avoid direct contact due to the random nature of skeletons. The more stuff they are wearing, the more dangerous they typically are. Good source of +2 ATK weapons and +2 AC helms, though more often cursed than not.

Stealth characters should be aware that skeletons detection range in dark dungeons is exceptionally low. If you stay in the shadows and have no light source you can level your stealth very easily by following them and can assassinate them by waiting for the right time to power attack them when they are alone.

A Special variant of the skeleton named Funny Bones has a chance to spawn in the Mines being a considerably harder enemy to fight compared the normal skeletons due to much higher health and damage, however killing him will net you Parashu a magic axe that is very potent melee weapon and a Cloak of protection +1 for a good boost to AC early in the run.

Weakness: Maces, Polearms and blessed water

Resistances: Swords, Ranged, Axes and magic

Drops: Skeletons like most other humanoid creatures of barony will always drop its currently equipped gear

Weapons Armor
Quarter Staff Wooden Sheild
Bronze Sword Bronze Sheild
Bronze Mace Iron Shield
Bronze Axe Leather Boots
Iron Sword Iron Boots
Iron Mace Leather Helm
Iron Axe Leather Breastpeice
Parashu (Funny Bones) Iron Breastpeice
Cloak of Protection (Funny Bones)
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