Spellbooks are a subset of items found throughout the dungeon of Barony, where players can utilize them to learn spells given enough INT and Magic skill.


Like all other books, spellbooks are often found scattered through the dungeon unidentified. Their covers can vary, but their effect is independent on the color of these covers, making picking up a book from the dungeon equally likely to yield a normal book instead of a spellbook.

While cursed books are harmless compared to their uncursed counterparts, cursed spellbooks will cause the player to forget a spell, while blessed ones are easier to learn from. Spellbooks will degrade when used, decreasing their value in gold and often dissipating into ash if its quality is low enough before being read.

Obtaining Spellbooks

Besides finding the odd spellbook in the dungeon, there are two notable sources of these books: shops and the Mystic Library. Shops can come in several varietied, one of which is the bookstore, which often sell books and spellbooks. General stores can also be found selling spellbooks, but much less likely due to their larger pool of items that are not spellbooks.

The Mystic Library can be found late into the game at the first floor of the Ruins, requiring caution around traps and levitation to access. Once inside, the many chests there can provide a vast increase in spellbooks, as well as Magic Staffs to increase Magic and Casting to make learning easier.

Magic Tiers

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Spells are segmented into escalating tiers, where lower tier spells are easier to learn, requiring lower levels of the associated skills. If the spell is too difficult for a player, they cannot learn anything from the book. Spellbooks are fairly time consuming to appraise, as their gold value increase in proportion to the higher tier of the spell.

Learning Spells

To learn a spell from a spellbook, a character needs to have a high enough magic stat. A player's magic stat is comprised of their intelligence and their magic skill.

  • If a spell requires a magic stat of 20:
    • The player has an INT of 4
    • ... a Magic skill of 16
    • = a total of 20 magic stat;
  • The player will be able to learn the spell.

List of Spellbook Tiers

Tier Spells Skill
I Forcebolt, Light. Novice
II Fireball, Healing, Cure Ailment, Slow, Confuse, Sleep, Locking, Opening. Basic
III Cold, Dig. Skilled
IV Extra Healing, Lightning, Magic Mapping, Magic Missile, Identify, Remove Curse. Expert
V Levitation, Teleport, Invisible, Reflect Magic, Bloodletting, Spray Acid, Stoneblood. Master
VI Domination. Legend
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