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Spells are a group of magical utilities found in Barony that the player and a select few enemies can use to combat enemies, assist themselves or even alter portions of the dungeons.


While varying extensively in effect and use, spells are defined as any ability that consumes MP (Mana Points) and does so in exchange for a magical ability. Some spells consume mana a single time, releasing their magical effect once their mana cost has been met, while others cast a magic which lingers until the player runs out of MP or cancels the effect. There are many different spells found throughout Barony, but they can all be separated into one of four distinct spell archetypes:

  • Affliction - Causes a negative status effect onto the struck target.
  • Aid - Casts a positive status effect or bonus onto the caster or an ally.
  • Offense - Damages a struck target, as well as afflicting any relevant status effect.
  • Utility - Interacts with the layout and aspects of the dungeon.

Obtaining Spells[]

When entering a dungeon, the average class begins without any source of spells and cannot cast any kind of magic. In order to begin using spells, the player must find a spellbook and learn its spell to begin casting that spell. Certain classes do begin their adventure with one or more spellbooks, allowing them to begin casting those spells once they read the books that contain the spells. Other classes, as well as some monster races, also start the game with innate spells, skipping the need for their spellbooks.

While reading from a spellbook is often sufficient to start using its spell, more complex spells require escalating skill barriers to be met in order to master those spells. Some like Light or Forcebolt require no prior skill training, while Dominate requires a large quantity of Magic Skill to use. INT also contributes to the learning of spells, with each point equating to a point of Magic Skill.

Spellcasting Beginner[]

Spellcasting Beginner is a penalty applied to new adventurers who have insufficient casting skill. If this is applied, the character has a chance to "fizzle" their spell. Fizzling a spell will not only use up the mana and fail produce a spell, but will also cause the character to lose a little bit of mana alongside the base cost of the spell.

Magic Staffs[]

Magic Staffs are an alternative method of casting spells that allow players to cast without mana. They also are not based on the characters skill level, allowing for skills to be cast above the characters Magic level and without fear of fizzling.

Using staffs still contributes to both Magic and Casting skills, but can also degrade when used. This makes their utility finite, where a learnt spell can be cast as long as the player can spend the mana and had enough skill to learn the spell. There is also a distinct lack of spells, most notably aid-type spells, from the potential pool of staff types.

Numerical Value Tier Numeral
0 None .
1-19 Novice I
20-39 Basic II
40-59 Skilled III
60-79 Expert IV
80-99 Master V
100 Legendary VI

Common Spells[]

Spells to learn via Spellbooks.

Image Name Description Cost Skill Tier
Forcebolt New.png
Force Bolt An offensive spell, and a default Arcanist spell, requires 0 MP at legend level casting. 5 mp Novice
Light New.png
Light A utility spell that creates a ball of light which follows the player. Continually draining mana, Monk, Wizard and Arcanist have this spellbook by default. 1 mp


Fireball New.png
Fireball An offensive spell that also ignites enemies, and a default Wizard spell. 7 mp Basic
Sleep New.png
Sleep An affliction spell that sends the target into a deep slumber. 4 mp Basic
Confuse New.png
Confuse An affliction spell that confuses the target, inverses the controls for players. 16 mp Basic
Slow New.png
Slow An affliction spell that slows down the target, but does no damage. 4 mp Basic
Opening New.png
Opening A utility spell that unlocks a locked door, chest, or portcullis. Sexton players start with this spell by default. 6 mp Basic
Locking New.png
Locking A utility spell that locks a door, or chest, does not close portcullises. 11 mp Basic
Healing New.png
Healing An aid spell that restores a small amount of health to the caster and allies. 10 mp Basic
Cureailment New.png
Cure Ailment An aid spell that removes any kind of status ailment, such as poison, burning, bleeding, drunk, etc, also affects nearby. allies 10 mp Basic
Cold New.png
Cold An offensive spell that also slows enemies, and a default Wizard spell. 6 mp Skilled
Dig New.png
Dig A utility spell to break through walls, similar to a Pickaxe. 21 mp Skilled
Poison An affliction spell, deals 10 magic damage and inflicts poison status. 5 mp Skilled
Speed An aid spell, grants speed status to caster and nearby allies. 11 mp Skilled
Detect Food A utility spell, reveals food sources left on the current dungeon floor. 14 mp Skilled
Magicmissile New.png
Magic Missile An offensive spell, blasts enemies with explosive magic, wide radius. 7 mp Expert
Lightning New.png
Lightning An offensive spell, fires a ball of lightning, high damage. 6 mp Expert
Removecurse New.png
Remove Curse A utility spell that removes the curse from a single item. 20 mp Expert
Identify New.png
Identify A utility spell that appraises one item from your inventory. 10 mp Expert
Magicmapping New.png
Magic Mapping A utility spell that reveals the unexplored portions of the current level on the mini map. 40 mp Expert
Polymorph An aid spell that changes the caster into a random race (If Human) or a Human (If any non-human race). Succubus players start with this spell by default. 40 mp Expert
Extrahealing New.png
Extra Healing An aid spell that restores a large amount of health to the caster, and far away allies 40 mp Expert
Levitation New.png
Levitation A utility spell that allows the caster to float off the ground and over pits, continually draining mana, disspelling over a pit causes instant death. Vampire players start with this spell by default. 1 mp


Invisible New.png
Invisible A utility spell that renders the caster invisible, continually draining mana. 2 mp


Teleport New.png
Teleport A utility spell that warps the caster to a random location on the map. Succubus and Incubus players start with this spell by default. 20 mp Master
Stoneblood An affliction spell, fires out magic that turns blood into stone, paralyzing all those affected by it, fires forward and to the sides, very wide range but shorter distance. 21 mp Master
Bloodletting An offensive spell, does massive damage and inflicts bleed. Vampire players start with this spell by default. 11 mp Master
Reflect magic.png
Magic Reflect A defensive spell that emits a cloak around the caster to reflect spells, much like a cloak or amulet of magic reflect, continually draining mana 10 mp


Spray Acid An offensive spell, sprays a wave of acid forward and to the sides, acid can destroy various items in an inventory, wide range. Insectoid players start with this spell by default. 21 mp Master
Vampiric Aura An aid spell that turns all attacks into HP draining attacks, and boost HP & MP regain, slow casting time, used by Vampires, Ghouls, and Accursed players start with a special form of this spell afflicted upon them by default. 30 mp Expert
Charm Monster An affliction spell that turns enemies friendly, used innately by Succubi enemies. Certain enemies are immune to this spell. Mesmer starts with this book by default, otherwise the spellbook is unobtainable. 50 mp Master
Dominate An affliction spell that converts an enemy to a friendly follower depending on the targets HP, also drains HP in exchange of missing MP points, awarded automatically upon reaching legendary magic skill. (There is no spellbook of dominate.) 21 mp

+target HP


Innate Spells[]

These spells aren't learned from Spellbooks, but are innately known by specific races/classes.

Image Name Description Cost Race or Class Skill Tier
Salvage A utility spell, transmutes nearby items on the ground into metal and magical scrap for crafting. 6 mp Automaton Basic
Arcane Mark An affliction spell, marks a target with an arcane seal, Nullifies damage resistances/weaknesses on target, Teleportation spells are refocused to target. 5 mp Incubus Basic
Flutter A utility spell, grants the castor levitation for a brief duration. 10 mp Insectoid Expert
Dash A utility spell, propels the caster in their current moving direction Instantly breaks doors on impact, performs a backwards leap if stationary. 5 mp Insectoid Skilled
Conjure Skeleton A utility spell, summons a skeleton ally that can be recalled, expert Magic skill summons a second skeleton. Summon level is kept between casts. 17 mp Conjurer Skilled
Teleport other.png
Teleport Other A affliction spell, teleports a target towards the caster and disorients the target for a duration proportional to the distance traveled. 20 mp Punisher Expert
Inner Demon An affliction spell, exorcises an inner demon that provokes a target, damage dealt to the demon is returned to the attacker. The caster's current stats are imbued into the demon. 25 mp

+10% max hp

Punisher Master
Rat Form An aid spell, shapeshift temporarily into a rat. Grants bonus DEX, INT and PER while active. Also grants the castor the the detect food spell. 8 mp Shaman Novice
Spider Form An aid spell, shapeshift temporarily into a spider. Grants bonus STR, CON and PER while active. 16 mp Shaman Skilled
Spray Web An affliction spell that sprays a wave of spider webs. Webbed targets are slowed and are knocked back by melee strikes. Each instance (max 3x) increases the effectiveness. 8 mp Spider Form Basic
Troll Form An aid spell, shapeshift temporarily into a troll. Grants bonus STR and CON, lowers DEX while active. 24 mp Shaman Expert
Power Strike An offensive spell, charges a powerful physical strike that inflicts 4x ATK damage at close range. Casters cannot move while charging. 23 mp Troll Form Master
Fear An affliction spell, strikes fear into the hearts of all nearby enemies. Affected enemies are unable to attack and draw their focus to the caster. 28 mp Troll Form Master
Troll's Blood An aid spell, grants additional HP regeneration for a duration to caster and nearby allies. 25 mp Troll Form Expert
Imp Form Shapeshift temporarily into a flying imp. Grants bonus INT and PER while active. 32 mp Shaman Master
Elemental Focus An aid spell, augments Fire, Cold, Lightning and Magic Missile spells with increased damage and reduced range while sustained. 7 mp


Imp Form Master
Revert Form An aid spell, removes active shapeshift effects from the caster returning them to normal. 5 mp Shaman Novice

Unobtainable Spells[]

These spells aren't obtainable through regular gameplay; they must be cheated in as Spellbooks.

Image Name Description Cost Skill Tier
Slow New.png
Drain Soul An offensive/aid spell that drains both mana and health from the target. Used by Vampires. 18 mp Expert
Steal Weapon A utility spell to disarm your enemy, by stealing it and placing it into your inventory, slow casting time, used by Incubi. 81 mp Legend
Weakness An affliction spell, inflicts magic weakness status Increases magic damage taken from other spells. 2 mp Legend


A player can obtain the Steal Weapon spell by having a magic reflection item active, and if the Incubus uses it, the magic will reflect and take the spellbook from the Incubus. The player can then learn the Steal Weapon spell from the spellbook and use it on a post-hamlet shopkeep to steal the Drain Soul spellbook, another normally unobtainable spellbook. Finally this can also be done while a Vampire is casting the Vampiric Aura spell to steal the Vampiric Aura spell book.