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A Spike Trap

Modern Spike Trap

Spike traps are rows of circular holes on the floors of dungeons, beginning to appear first in The Mines as Setpiece Traps and as are level trap in The Sand Labyrinth,The Ruins and Crystal Caverns. They rarly are present in The Underworld. While they do not instantly kill players, they still deal set 50 true damage to the player and mobs alike. There are two types of Spike Traps, Normal ones that trigger when steped on and Special ones that one Trigger when getting powered by a Lever, Boulder or Pressure Plate.

Setpieces:[edit | edit source]

Mines:[edit | edit source]

Troll Kill Room[edit | edit source]

A 5x6Setpiece with a 4x5 Box with 3 gates, a Chest, 5 Special Spike Traps and Troll also outside the box are two levers. The lever on the side of the two gates will open the two gate while the lever near the single gate will trigger the trap. To kill the Troll the trap need to be triggered three times. Thrumpus can spawn inside.

Troll Kill Room Inside

Tips: The player can trigger the Trap twice and then finish off the Troll to gain Experience.

Spider Kill Room[edit | edit source]

A 5x6 Setpiece with a 4x5 Box with 3 Gates, a Chest, 5 Special Spike Traps, 5 Spiders and 2 levers outside the Box. The Lever at the single gate will open the nearby gate and the lever at the two gates will Trigger the trap. To Kill all spiders the trap needs to be triggered once. Shelob can spawn inside.

The Inside of the Spider Kill Room

Spider Kill Room Inside

The Sand Labyrinth:[edit | edit source]

Secret Exits:[edit | edit source]

A 8x8 Setpiece with 4 Spike Traps near the Exit which is inside a 6x6 Box with no door which is surrounded by a 7x7 lava pool. The Lava pool does not fully surround the Box and is interupted at a spot making it possible for Players to dig inside without having to max out thier swimming skill or having to levitate over the Lava.

The inside of the Setpiece

The Ruins:[edit | edit source]

Gift in the Inside Trap[edit | edit source]

A 7x7 Setpiece with 6x6 Stone Box 4 Spike Traps, 4 Magic Pillar Traps at the Egdes, 8 Levers and a Chest near the middle. The player must pull certail lever to remove Blocks to gain acces into the Box.

The Crystal Caves:[edit | edit source]

Rock and Spike Room Trap[edit | edit source]

A 15x12 Setpiece with a 14x11 Box and 53 Spike Traps, a Gate and a Chest. A Rock always spawns in the one free Tile.

Inside of the Rock and Spike Room Trap

Tips: Ignoring this Room or digging to the Chest are the safest ways to deal with it.

Entrance to the Secret Level[edit | edit source]

A 12x16 Setpiece with 6 Gates, 2 Floating Crystals, a Spike trap, 2 Boulders, a normal Lever, 2 Time Levers, a Chest and the Exit to the Cockatrice Lair

Tips: The Spiketrap was placed to get steped on when running for the first Timed Lever Gate.

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