Status Effects are a series of abnormal game states in Barony that can effect both the player and enemies by various sources.

Description[edit | edit source]

In Barony, there are two major groups of status effects to consider: Buffs and Debuffs. Both function similarly, in that they typically last for a period of time, where they then cease from afflicting the targeted individual. Some status effects can also end abruptly by satisfying certain goals when still under their influence, such as using a source of water to solve Burning. Potion of Cure Ailment also serves to eliminate all status effects as well when consumed.

Buffs are beneficial effects for the recipient, allowing for enhanced abilities or expansion of one's abilities where they would typically lack them. Some buffs can also be paired with a drawback, often presenting a trade-off for one aspect of a character for another when under the buff's influence.

Debuffs are the inverse of Buffs, that they are a hindrance for the afflicted user. Some can drain away the player's HP over time, while others can be more interference-based and cause issues perceiving or traversing the dungeon while under their effects.

List of Status Effects[edit | edit source]

Name Sources Effect
Bleeding Spell of Bloodletting, Melee hits with an Axe or Whip Slowly drains away HP.
Blindness Potion of Blindness, Fountains Blacks out the screen of the player.
Burning Scroll of Burning, Spell/Staff of Fireball Slowly drains away HP.
Charmed Spell of Charm Monster, Succubi Monsters cannot fight back to their charmer, players cannot attack and have movement restricted to moving slowly back from the charmer.
Confusion Spell of Confuse, Potion of Confuse, Fountains Monsters are inclined to attack other monsters as they approach. Players will have their movement controls reversed and camera movement reversed on the X-Axis
Drunk Bottle of Booze, Fountains Grants +1 STR and inflicts -1 DEX. Causes the screen to rotate in a large circle rather than a fixed position. Causes the player to hiccup, which jerks the screen in a small circle before returning to the larger circle pattern. Goatmen are immune to rotation while drunk.
Hangover Goatmen after not being drunk for a while. Causes screen rotation of Drunk effect, -3 DEX.
Invisible Spell, Potion of Invisibility, Ring of Invisibility, Cloak of Invisibility, Sneaking with Max Stealth Skill Causes the afflicted party to become invisible to enemies, severely decreasing detection range to players.
Levitation Spell, Potion of Levitation, Steel Boots of Levitation Allows the player to fly above chasms when under the effects of levitation.
Paralysis Stoneblood, Potion of Paralysis, Fountains, Scorpions Disables movement of the afflicted creature.
Poison Spray Acid, Spell of Poison, Potion of Acid, Fountains, Insectoids, Spiders Slowly drains away HP.
Polymorph Spell of Polymorph, Potion of Polymorph Transform into a different character race for a duration, or until coming in contact with water. Monsters always polymorph into humans.
Sickness Potion of Sickness Causes the player to vomit, making them hungry.
Sleep Spell/Staff of Sleep Stops the afflicted party from moving.
Slow Spell of Slow, Bloodletting, Chill Slows down the afflicted creature.
Weakness Spell of Weakness Unused. Causes hit enemy to take extra damage from other magic spells.
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