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Barony on Steam also has a set of their sweet trading cards, below is a list of all 5 of set one. So far there's only one set. There are also foil cards too, but the set of 5 is the same.


Steam workshop descriptions[]

Below is each card's description from the Steam workshop, there's obviously a theme going on here.
Collecting all five will allow you to craft a Steam badge as well.

Death By Rats text:
"Hark, I hear a rat! Thou silly Baron. Verily I shall have its meat. You'll have to do better than that! Engarde! Oh my, thou art a big one aren't you? OUCH! Wait, there are more of you?" 
- The last words of Leopold the Healer 
(screams not recorded)

Death By Starvation text:
"I'm unstoppable! I'll explore every nook and every cranny of this dungeon--Unstoppable! I'll take the time appraising, and won't worry about grazing--Unstoppable!"
- The final song by Tuniva the Joker

Death By Strangulation text:
"Dungeon Journal : Entry 16 I discovered a chest with, among other treasures, a beautiful amulet inside. I can't seem to figure it out, but I could swear its shape resembles a holy symbol of life. My caution has served me well where my team has failed so far, but sometimes success demands risk. I'll think on this."
- The last journal entry of Aranna the Warrior

Death By Boulder text:
"Bear thy hand and eye against the left-most wall, and thou shalt surely find the exit to any maze, my fellows! What is thy meaning regarding 'keeping a most vigilant eye upon the ceiling'?"
- The last words of Rubendt the Cleric

Death By Minotaur text:
"Surely we have enough time to do a little more exploring." "Our might cannot be challenged, let us lie in wait for it." "It may be large, but we are swift. It cannot kill what it cannot catch." "Sweateth not, the ZAP Brigade shall protect us."
- Various last words uttered upon ignoring warnings about the Minotaur's imminent arrival.