The Adventurer Who Went To Hell

Another outsider came down to these here mines to see if he could hail victorious over the Baron. He fought vigourously to the bottom, hacking away at goblins and thieves, blowing Minotaurs and giants away with spells of great strength and power. He lost his mind somewhere down in those mines. The darkness and loneliness claims the best of us. Some say he got off on killing these things; it was like a past time.

But after years of killing, plundering, and moving on down through the mines, swamp, and the labyrinth, he finally reached it: the bottom of the mine. He moved away the rubble and blockades that kept the Baron in here, and what he saw inside made his entire body pale. A chilling ghost, teeth sharper than his sword, eyes redder than the blood he split, looking directly at him as if he was anticipated. The Baron laughed a ghastly laugh, and said, "You can either die by my hands and serve me eternally, or have a chance at living as a God". The adventurer paused, and inquired "What's the catch?". The Baron let out a whisper that somehow reached the adventurers ears, "Your soul will be mine if you lose". "Well, what must I do?" The adventurer asked. The Baron chuckled, "You must fight the devil". The adventurer gulped, puffed out his chest and said, "I'll do it". A portal opened and he walked right into it.

We don't know what happened in there but we know for sure that he lost as the evils in the mine still remain today. But we never forget to sing songs of praise to the Adventurer brave enough to fight the devil.

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