The Caves is the area found after defeating Baron Herx and leaving Hamlet to confront Erudyce and Orpheus, being a large cave system with watery pools and large pits intermixed with small passageways. It is located after The Ruins and Hamlet, leading to The Citadel.

Description Edit

The Caves is the first dungeon layer found after defeating Baron Herx, where now the player is introduced to the new set of antagonists: Eurdyce and Orpheous. The Caves themselves are quite varied, being more enclosed than The Mines with very tight pathways and seldom any large rooms to have good sightlines in.

Inhabitants of the Caves include many old and new faces, with the common Kobold being the most common type to be found here. Automotons, Incubi, Scarabs and Insectoids also come up as common enemy types, often stronger than their “lesser” or “damaged” states found in earlier floors.

Crystal Golems are uncommon enemies to find, but pack a lot of melee damage if caught in a tight location. The most threatening enemy however is the Cockatrice, who has high stats and a large variety of attacks to inconvenience and take down the player.

Secret Locations Edit

Unlike the dungeon layers prior, the Caves holds a single secret location rather than the typical two, presenting its portal in one of the most elaborate puzzles of the normal dungeon, utilizing several gates, levers, floating crystals and even a few traps to keep the subarea quite lively.

Cockatrice Lair Edit

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The Cockatrice Lair is home to many Kobold Cultists, with many gates, timed levers and floating crystal puzzles that force the player to think about their spatial awareness in regards to which set of gates will be opened, and if that will allow them to pass through. Inside one of the rooms near the middle of the map is an artifact, the Dragon’s Mail. In order to exit, the player must kill the enhanced Cockatrice at the end. The Cockatrice Lair portal is found on the twenty-eighth floor.

Structures Edit

Name Description Picture
Lava Door Room A small room with a single enemy and chest inside, it is locked off from the outside except for an opening closed off by lava on the floor, forcing the player to levitate over or to either dig through or cast a spell of open to the gate in the room.
Magic Trap Intersection A small room with a magic trap in the center. Four doors lining up with the magic trap faces allow the player to enter and exit, minding the trap's magic bolts.
Three-Room Prison Three small rooms locked up by a gate each. The hallway which connects them has a lever which opens all the gates, and a treasure chest. Each room has a sink and a prisoner, with two random enemies in the middle and right cells, with a human always in the left cell.

Traps Edit

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In a similar vein to Magic Traps, Ceiling Magic Traps will release bursts of magic downwards onto a set location whenever an object or character steps on top of it. Most spells like this are offensive in nature, either offensive or status inflicting.

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