The Flying Minecart

Long ago, there were a number of lonely miners working deep down in these mines. They got the diamonds and gold, they were making the big bucks, but they were ill with loneliness as they missed their women. One day the dust in the mine was too thick for them to enter with without dying. They sat and talked and shared some rum and talked about their women. Leo Du'fraine had a big smile on his face and said "I've got a little something that'll get us home in moments". All the boys leaned in curiously and said, "well, what's your plan?" Leo pointed to a shiny minecart and exclaimed, "I made a deal with the Lord. If I don't swear or say his name in vain and pray once a day, then he'll give me a minecart that takes me right back home to see my misses". Some of the boys were hesitant to get on as they feared they couldn't be holy, but several jumped into the cart to see their women back home. Leo said the magic words, "Acabris, Acabras, Acabram!" and off they went shooting like rockets and before long they were in Hamlet. The women were ecstatic to see them and the men were just the same. They drank all night and danced all night with their women to their content. And when the morning came, everyone woke up and left mildly upset and hungover. Leo was still sleeping on the cart so to prevent him from cursing on the way down they tied him up and gagged him. Half way down Leo awoke and said, "My God, why have you tied me up like this?!" The cart fell of the tracks and the boys fell as fast as an arrow, and were never seen again.

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